Button Shopping in Beijing's Fabric District

Button Shopping in Beijing's Fabric District


Tyler M. Holland is a Costume Designer based in Brooklyn, NY.  Internationally, his work has been seen in Beijing with the opening of China’s first ever immersive show Peter Pan’s Adventure Island and in Montreal for an intimate exploration of sexuality in a cabaret performance of KULTURE SHOCK

He is best known for his work in the newly formed genre of immersive theater; this includes My Life Among the Serial Killers, a raucous Great Gatsby Experience, BeforeDawnSayMoonlight, as well as various costumes for Late Night at The Box NYC. 

More of his design work in New York include Up the Rabbit Hole at Theatre for a New Audience, The Crucible at Gallatin, Toe Pick, Theatre Smash!, and American Realism with both a Brooklyn and L.A. premier.

He is classically trained in Costume Design at both UNCSA with a BFA as well as a Master’s of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University.